Monday, 11 May 2009

Received Susie's Cheryls And Kim's Atc's Today

Pictures will be on tonight all Lovely ATC's

This is the 1st time in Drayton Swap for Susie
and her ATc's are Beautiful Welcome to our swap Susie

Thanks Girls they are all fab

Liz xx

Received so far

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  1. Hi Liz, it's Lyn...lucky you with so many Awards! I must admit my first two didn't get passed on and then the one with 15! (three of them!) But anyway, you do have some lovely things on this and your other blog!

    First, if you haven't already copy the picture and save it on your computer, (put it in a named document so you know where it is..)
    go to ~add a gadget
    choose~ Picture, then browse your computer to find that picture you just saved and
    load it up.
    I'd give it a title (Just so you know what it is) and put something in the caption ~ this actually makes the picture a little bit smaller. Move it to where you want it on your side bar
    Save it,
    then pop back to the blog that gave you the award and copy their http:/ webpage code,(it might be easier if you have two windows open here, your blog and the other persons blog.) then pop back to yours and paste it where it says link. save it. now when you or anyone clicks on the picture on your side bar it will take them to the other persons site.
    ie Title "An Award from Sues" and Caption "Click the pic to visit her blog" at the bottom. Of course you don't have to but I like to visit everyone find it easiler if I have a link to them somewhere on my blog!
    I was thinking of visiting other blogs and hunting out my favourite cards and things and putting them on my side bar with a link back to their makers. There's some lovely work out there with no comments and I feel they all need comments!!