Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Giving out this award today

Ive had this award for ages so I am giving it out today This award goes to five blogs and if your not allready a follower please becme one! Because this is an ATC blog I will try give this out to places or blogs who have on them ATC's or altered art
The first award is going to Cheryl the second to June the third to Sandie The forth to Sam and the fith to Sandy
So watch this space If you know any blog you'd like nominated please let me know as I got this award over on lace ribbons buttons and bows too
I am very vesy today so best get ahead Please comment on the lovely makes I gert in from Trimmie members, the ATC's are great
Liz x
June at art freebies
Sandie at Sandies space
Pop over to Sam's blog
Stumbled on Sandy's Have a peek its really good!
That finishes my awards of the day Have fun girlies!
Liz x


  1. How kind of you Liz, I will it on my blog as soon as I can.

    Hugs Sandie xx

  2. Thanks Liz you rotter you! :) Now I've got to find some more people and blogs out there to give it to.My brain hurts from all this thinking...I'm not used to it anymore you know!
    Seriously thank you very much,I shall put it on right away.
    Cheers babe
    Sam x

  3. oh sweetie thank you so much its so kind of you I am stunned cant believe how many awards I have already and its not even been 2 weeks yet and this will be my 4th award.
    Thanks so much hun I will put it on my blog now love cheryl xxxxx

  4. hi hun great cards you got and pressies glad you got mine another great swap as always thanks so much for the ribbon and your fab atc. Great work as always hun love cheryl xxxxx