Sunday, 4 October 2009

Septembers swaps

Sorry these were not on before but as I said to you all I have just had a very very hectic few months I go off on holiday tomorrow morning and here I am at 10-35pm putting the swap pics on!!!! I am still looking for more names to put in the random generator for someone to take over the swaps end of the month so please get in contact or leave a message on here Thank you Noe some of these ATC's were made from very shiny paper which looks black took five pics but the one that's shown is the best Sorry about that
you all soon then

Monday, 17 August 2009

More Swaps Winners and Thank you's

Here is the list of the swaps that I have received since last listing
So sorry a bit slow I have had grandchildren most of the holidays had a disater with my other
blog today too cant wait for my holidays
Thank you ALL for my RAK'S and cards..all Beautiful

Claire..thank you very much for next months BRAKS
Cheryl..thank you for this months
Sandra Laycock
Anna 3
Tracy aa
Crafty Critter...thank you for this months(passed on)and next months BRAKs
Sandra cardmaker
Angelica..this months card direct thank you
The winners of the crafty cat name was...Betty (cherub) and Tracie (boo)
Thank you girls for being a sport and taking part a small prize will be out with your next Atcs
Names were Trimmie Cat (cherub)
and this was what Boo said
"I think it should be called fidget as it a widget,but when you stroke it fidgets"...rofl
So I am naming it Trimmie Cat Fidget!
Thanks to all
Liz xx
Pictures are just getting cropped 5 mins!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

First of Aug ATCs (Please read Text below them!)

These are from in no set order
Lula's mum
Thanks girls

The rest of the members be really pleased if you sent early as I have holidays at the end of the month.
We have a Draytons birthday girl this month its Hope Jacare's Birthday
If you want to send her a card please send via me I will make sure she gets it in time for the 22nd
Thank you
Oncoming Birthdays Are
Crafty Critter (Gail) 25th September
Crafty Kaz 16th of September

NAME THE CAT ENDS THIS MONTH 5 days to go ends 15th
Put ur entries on the Drayton blog post on the Trimmie Forum Thanks
Thanks to you girls for being prompt
Liz xx

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Monday, 20 July 2009

Saturday, 18 July 2009

July swaps

Here are the atc I got in for July so far I will add more text and hopefully atc's on Monday or Tuesday I have my grandchildren over the school holidays and quite honestly do not know whither I am coming or going! LOL So bare with me over the next month if I am slow putting these on as I am also trying to keep my other blog up to date too
Thank you all for the Raks I received
Liz xx