Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Well Well I don't beleive it! Thank you Sam

Its "One Lovely Blog" Award
I cannot beleive our little ATC blog has won yet another award this time from Sam over at

Thank you ever so much Sam I treasure this award from you and I have just joined as a follower of your blog I thought I all ready had!
Now there are rules that this award has to be passed on to 15 other blogs I will do that with pleasure tomorrow as I have yet another blog award to be passed on too Many thanks again!
Love & hugs Liz x
I have copied this bit from Sam's blog
"This award has a few rules first of all you have to give it to a new blog that you have recently come across.Let them know they have an award ,then they must mention your blog when accepting the blog .Pass on to 15 other new sites that you have just recently come across."
Will add the names to this gradually so please watch this space!!! Please leave a comment when you collect your award Thanks These blogs are not in any order I love them all
My 1st award goes to Gail
My 2nd award goes to Rita
My 3rd award goes to Kairen
My 4th award goes to Heather
My 5th award goes to Susan
My 6th goes to Donna
My 7th award to to Jo
My 8th award goes to Lynn's
My 9th award to Debs
My 10th award to Lou
My 11th to Vikki
My 12th is to the lovely Jacare's blog
My 13th Is Crafty Al's blog
My 14th sumbled on tonight Well Nifty Cards


  1. congratulations you deserve it with all the hard work you put in lots love cheryl xxxx

  2. well done Liz on your award, and thankyou so much for my award. im so new to this, it means alot Liz thans with huge hugs and kisses

  3. Well done Liz, you deserve it!
    Thanks SO much for my award, really apprieciate it hun! Hugs x

  4. awwww thanks liz *hugs* shall have to work out how to add to mine and donate onwards :S lol
    congrats to you too....your getting quite a trophy cabinet on the go now lol ;)

  5. Well done Liz on your award!!
    Your blog is great and so are the ATC'S
    Thank you sooooooooooooooo much for my 1st award im sooooooooooooooooooooooo excited and thank you also for becoming a follower it is very much appreciated.
    Hugs Alison.xxx

  6. Well done on your award, Liz and thanks too for MY first award! I hope I manage to work out what I'm doing and forward it onwards properly!

    Love the new blog, by the way!

    Thanks again.

    Love and hugs.

    Jo x

  7. wow, thanks so much Liz, I'm honoured, & its now on my blog

  8. Congrats Liz - and Happy Birthday - hope its a great day! Thanks so much for my award - I am thrilled. Claire xx

  9. Hi Liz, thank you so much for your comment on my blog and for the award, it's really appreciated, I'll post it up soon, been so busy lately, looks like I'll have to spend more time blog hopping to find some blogs to pass it onto. Lovely to meet another old young at heart hippie, your right doesn't time fly by too quickly. Just spent ages looking at all the ATC's they are all brilliant, love the vintage ones.

    Chris x