Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Caj's Atc's and Cherubs Birthday card Today

Received today Stunning ATC's from Caj these are beautiful also got a very pretty black and white card from Betty very very nicely made matching isert and envie too so had very nice eye candy today! Thank you both
I found it quite hard to take good pictures of these but someone said I am too critical of myself so I will just list these now and hope for the best! Carol also sent her birthdate so another birthday for the list we are coming along nicely, as I said yesterday on my post if you wish to add a birthday card or birthday ATC for another atc swap member in with your own swaps I will pass it on to them in the same envie as I send them thier return swaps and that will beat the PO and save money same time for you.. as long as its a large letter stamp you put on ur envie I do not mind supplying a bigger envie if needed
I do love doing these swaps and seeing the work first hand, so thank you all for joining in, if ANYONE has any suggestions for improvments please just say to me and I will do my best, and I'd be more than pleased if you'd join the blog and comment as the atc's as they come in, as everyone likes comments on their work and it only takes two mins of your time.
If anyone else want's to join in the swaps you will be made more than welcome too, just let me know

Many thanks again,
Hugs Liz xx

1/ Granny San
2/ Polly Peirce
3/ Cherub
4/ Cheryl
6/ Pink mad
8/Karen Mills
9/Nana Nancy
10/Crafty Critter
13/Ditzy crafts
14/Boo Cat

16/ Lizb42
17/ Caj


  1. Oh you are naughty opening your cards before your birthday Liz, but so glad you liked your card and goodies.
    Must say great atc's from members of the swap all wonderful so lovely to see,and so glad my best friend Nanynancy has joined at last Yippee.
    Thanks for being a great host Liz and that your feeling much better now Hugs to you Luv Betty x x

  2. wow, what beautiful atcs, bet your gonna have a hard time parting with those hey? lol
    beaut of a card too....:)
    Have sent your card and prezzie in post today, no opening it early, else i'll be up to smack your hands! lol
    sorry ive missed doing this months swap... been too hectic for me, shall do double next lot, promise ;) xx

  3. These are brill and the blog is looking great Liz. There's something for you over on my blog and when I get round to it I will most probably add your other blog too,you can doubly curse me then babe.
    Take care
    Sam x