Monday, 23 March 2009

Monday 23rd march Members entered so far

1/Crafty Cheryl
2/Granny San
3/Ditzy Crafts
Monkey Boots (Laura)
7/Doris Renate
8/Tatts (Kairen)
9/MXM16 (Moira)
10/Pink Mad (Dillis)
11/Duby Duck(Debs)
12/Swallow Tail(Celia)
13/Dicards (Diana)
14/Tyshia Dopson
15/Miss Theatre (Karen)

Boo Cat is not managing to take part this time but I would imagine still more
to come in and & days to go
thank you all so much for the RAK'S enclosed in some of your ATC's beautiful
Many thanks to all

Liz x

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