Thursday, 26 March 2009

1/Crafty Cheryl
2/Granny San
3/Ditzy Crafts
6/Monkey Boots (Laura)
7/Doris Renate
8/Tatts (Kairen)
9/MXM16 (Moira)
10/Pink Mad (Dillis) Happy Birthday Dillis
11/Duby Duck(Debs)
12/Swallow Tail(Celia)
13/Dicards (Diana)
14/Tyshia Dopson
15/Miss Theatre (Karen)
18/Jamie Samie
19/Slowf (sandra)

Goodie 2 shoes father is not well will not be submitting this month
Hope hes feeling better Adele
Also..Sandra Cardmaker's Father is ill too and as yet has not had time to submit any
I do hope they soon will both be on the mend Sending Hugs xx

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